How to create simple components in Angular using TypeScript?

Watch & learn how to create simple components in Angular using TypeScript. This video will explain everything you need to know about simple components in Angular.

I’m using my Prodo application to demonstrate the use of SystemJS. Prodo is an eCommerce Application using Angular 2, ASP.NET Web API V2, Node.js, TypeScript, Bootstrap 4, etc.

Watch Video & Learn

I’d suggest to download the project. Then watch my video to view the project while I go through it in the video. To get updates, don’t forget to Subscribe to my channel as well as blog to get free content.

Siddharth Pandey

Siddharth Pandey is a Software Engineer with thorough hands-on commercial experience & exposure to building enterprise applications using Agile methodologies. Siddharth specializes in building, managing on-premise, cloud based real-time standard, single page web applications (SPAs). He has successfully delivered applications in health-care, finance, insurance, e-commerce sectors for major brands in the UK. Other than programming, he also has experience of managing teams, trainer, actively contributing to the IT community by sharing his knowledge using Stack Overflow, personal website & video tutorials.

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