Fun is starting a business like sending potatoes with personalized messages in the mail


Ever wondered what does it take to step outside of your comfort zone and starting a business. Or do you have that great working plan in your mind saved as a draft which is maybe tagged with fear, risks, to-do, etc. buzzwords. These heavy words are always there in our life and often restricts us to step up and live our life in the way we want.

You will be amazed to know that a person based in Texas makes $10K a month sending Potatoes with personalized messages in the Mail! Yeah, you read it right and how cool is that! Well, now you will think that this is not a rocket science and quite simple thing to do. But you can’t deny the fact that it is working for the man below in our real world. Watch him doing his job from home.

Ok, now you believe me that I was not lying. Did you enjoyed this video? If not, watch it again. No, I’m not kidding.

Above was the link to the video which is now not available on Youtube. However, this is not important for us.

Don’t just admire his potato business revenue but get an inspiration from this guy that don’t hold yourself back. It’s not a crime to start something new by yourself. What is the worse going to happen? You will fail. The definition of failure is lack of success that is not the important thing here. Even if you succeed or fail, what you learn is a lesson, that eventually helps to outcome many other cases in  your life.

I’ll try to give you my example. At my university, I was quite worried when asked to choose a final year project. I spent days researching about topics that will lend me good grades. After All that is what you expect in your final year, right? Well, after lots of research and talking to myself, I finally got a project idea. But I was quite worried at the same time as this topic was quite different to what my friends had in my group. But that was fine, I started my project and finished it with a proper documentation. I’ll not go into the technical details as it will not make any sense. I was very happy to learn something new because I never worked on stuff like that and never thought of doing by myself. Not so surprisingly, I got good grades.

Well, now you must be thinking it’s a same old story of every student. No doubt, you are right. What happened with me after few weeks was really amazing. I was able to get hold of my first internship just because of this project. Also, this amazing moment was three months before my graduation ceremony. Do you now feel how exciting is this? The tutor of this module referred me to another tutor who was soon going to supervise the project. This helped me into interview with a good impression as the work that I was supposed to do was quite similar to what I did in my final year project.

I can’t even tell you how happy I was when all this happened to me and I thought it was a right decision to step out of my comfort zone, overcome the fear to learn something new and use it as my project Recommended Reading. Although I managed to pass the interview process with the help of my skills but having this project under my belt was a plus point and that is what made me unique in the crowd of applicants.

Today I can proudly say that the web application project that I did for The Bowes Museum located at Durham, England is running live. It was a great experience and amazing people over there. As of today, you can also see with my colleagues in the linked site’s home page gallery (3rd image). This was clicked at the restaurant based at the museum site.

The main takeaway from this post should be an inspiration to start your work for any idea that you have in your mind buried since very long. Maybe it’s a business idea, a home project, or some stuff to buy, etc. You get the idea what I mean. And don’t just start it and never look back. Instead try to finish it because the pleasure that you get will boost you to do something else in your life.

It will be great to hear your story. Please feel free to either provide me a link or just write a post here. I’ll be happy to share your story with my viewers to inspire everyone.

Siddharth Pandey

Siddharth Pandey is a Software Engineer with thorough hands-on commercial experience & exposure to building enterprise applications using Agile methodologies. Siddharth specializes in building, managing on-premise, cloud based real-time standard, single page web applications (SPAs). He has successfully delivered applications in health-care, finance, insurance, e-commerce sectors for major brands in the UK. Other than programming, he also has experience of managing teams, trainer, actively contributing to the IT community by sharing his knowledge using Stack Overflow, personal website & video tutorials.

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